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Abril 05 2011

Finals International Ranking

After the huge success of the International Ranking, last Saturday the qualified players battled in the online finals.

First International Ranking 2011.

After the huge success of the International Ranking, last Saturday the qualified players battled in the online finals.

In the qualifier more then 1000 players in 16 categories from 7 different countries competed to get in the top 4, so they could play the online finals.

Last Saturday the best 4 of category 1 – 8 played their final, 501 master out, 25 German players, 5 Spanish, 1 Belgian and 1 Austrian player.

The best two of each category started on the winners side of the bracket and the 3rd and 4th started on the losers side. All games where played with handicap so all players had an opportunity to win this international event.

In the semi finals the last German players lost their chance to become champion. The final on the winners side between Ruben (Ruben Canales) and Viki (Jose Luis Da Selva) was a high leveled match. Ruben won the first game but Viki came back to level and it was him who had the stronger nerves to move on to the Ultimate final.

In the losers final Ruben couldn´t handle The Rock (Hannes Schnier) because this Austrian player finished his games in 17 and 18 darts, honoring his nickname “The Rock”!

Once in the ultimate final, The Rock even played better. Viki resisted in the second game but The Rock took the 3rd game so they had to replay the final. In the first game the Austrian finished a 117, throwing only 15 darts to get in front but Viki wasn´t impressed and leveled the second game. So in the last game the player with the stronger nerves, The Rock, stayed calm and finished again in 18 darts. There is not much Viki could do about it.


Champion:                            The Rock                               Vienna                   Austria

Runner up:                           Viki                                         León                      Spain

3rd :                                        Ruben                                   Santander             Spain

4th :                                        Steven                                   Emden                   Germany

5th/6th :                                  Copper                                  Schramberg          Germany

                                               Bärbel                                   Schramberg          Germany


7th/8th :                                  Schickel                                 Schauenburg        Germany                                                                                             Kingtom                                 Lenningen            Germany


Congratulations to all!!

This Saturday at 16.00 h we will see the finals of categories 9 – 16 which everybody can follow on the website:

See you all on the website!!

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