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Septiembre 01 2014

September Retailer Super Rankings

Official prizes brought to you by NineDartOut!

No Entry Fees!! - Players must be Radikal Darts Member Users

Each Retailer Super Ranking will feature prizes from a different dart retailer!
The Super Ranking will consist of 4 separate sub-rankings divided equally as possible within the month. See specific dates/times below.
Week 1 - Sept 1: 00:00 -> Sept 8 23:59
Week 2 - Sept 9: 00:00 -> Sept 15 23:59
Week 3 - Sept 16: 00:00 -> Sept 22 23:59
Week 4 - Sept 23: 00:00 -> Sept 31 23:59
Each sub-ranking will be split into 6 divisions based on a players Radikal Ratings of PPD or MPR.
The average of a players best 8 games will be taken for his/her score and position in the sub ranking.
The top 10 Players per division will earn points based on their position in each sub ranking. The total amount of points that can be earned will increase each sub ranking.







Each sub ranking points per player will then be added together for a total in the Super Ranking standings. 
Each division has the opportunity to earn the same amount of points in each sub ranking. For example: 1st place for week 1 in the highest division equals 10 pts and 1st place in the lowest division equals 10 pts.   

Game Play

  • Week 1 = Standard Cricket  - 20 Rds
  • Week 2 = 501 - OI/MO - 20rds - 50/50 Bull
  • Week 3 = Burma Road - 9 rds - 50/50 Bull (Note:doubles round can be scored on bulls)
  • Week 4 = High Score - 10 Rds - 50/50 Bull






The Super Ranking point totals will have the prizes awarded. Places listed in the website and machine for the Super Ranking point totals are official. If there is a tie in number of points the player that played more sub rankings gets the higher place. If both points and number of sub rankings played is still a tie, then the player who played more games is the higher place.



General Rules


  • Players must have an active $12 yearly subscription to participate. You can register at
    • *Note* $12 yearly subscription includes 1 player card per year
  • Players who are not Radikal Darts Member players will go to the general division regardless of having their Ratings or not. Players will be moved to their proper division once Radikal Darts Member status is obtained. 
  • Players will play in the general division until they obtain Radikal ratings and will be moved to proper division upon obtaining those Ratings. General Division does not score points.
  • If a player increases his/her Radikal Ratings enough to move 2 or more divisions during a Sub Ranking  they will be moved to the new division.
  • Patented Remote Referee System will be used to validate matches for all sub rankings
  • Players using false or wrong identification will be invalidated and not eligible for prizes
  • Radikal United States reserves the right at any time to modify the rules of any competition if the need arises to ensure integrity of the competitions.
  • Players winning cash prizes may be required to fill out financial forms prior to receiving payouts
  • Players under the age of 18 are ineligible to claim prizes
​Questions about this or any event on the new Radikal USA Sportive Calendar can be sent to

  • Sept - NineDartOut Flyer

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