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Agosto 31 2020


The awaited championship of the year is finally on the way in its new online format.


This atypical year with changes and postponements of competitions due to the extension of the Covid19 pandemic, we have bet hard so that the championships continue to take the pulse of the players and we do not stop offering you the tremendous sensation of adrenaline and being able to compete in a competition of such caliber as the RadikalDarts International.

Circumstances are not the most favorable for this, but within our possibilities, and in the areas that allow the development of our darts activity, from October we will give this opportunity to qualified players to be able to enjoy this new format .


As we cannot do the championship in person this year, the fact of playing in the bars also means that we have to put a limit on the number of registrations that are allowed for each area, since both by game dates and by machines have to establish a registration cap per operator.



  • On September 18 is the deadline for the SINGLES International.
  • Registrations are only for classified players and it is exclusive through your operator who will indicate the maximum limit of places available.


  • The International will be developed in 3 modalities: Singles, Doubles and Teams.
  • Tournaments will be played 7 days a week, Monday through Friday and on the weekend.
  • The brackets will be 16 players with double ko in which the first one qualifies for the final of their level.



  • Registration closes on September 18.
  • It is played in October, November and December.


  • Registration closes on October 13.
  • It is played in November, December and January.


  • Registration closes on January 11.
  • It is played in January, February and March.

In the attached document we detail the Tournament Rules and the game formats.

Enjoy it!

  • International Rules 2020

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